1.Clients must provides most of the basic information such as business logo some pictures and the things that they want to see on their design.

2.Any problem with a website such as technical problems,server down or virus etc problems will be take care by us(IT-Mania web Nepal) without any extra cost.

3.Client must clear all development fee with in a period of time once we upload the design under a domain name of the clients if refuse than a company may action about the project with a client or company.

4.No hidden charges would be there from the company once the contact is done from the company to the clients.

5.Best thing in the future client decision will be the final decision towards the company if clients want to go with any another company than he\she may take the websitesand join with any other company that they like have to inform to the company at least 15 days before.There will be no contract for the clients.